Afternoon Trip on the river Maas

Afternoon Trip on the river Maas     

Great leisure boat trip. That’s what the afternoon boat trip on the
river Maas
is. A relaxed trip with a perfect service on board.
Nice and warm in winter and air conditioning in summer or you can
get a nice breath of fresh air on the large terrace deck.

You will be travelling through a varied river landscape!  
Beautiful views, water sports, picturesque Maas villages and idyllic
coves. And, of course, do not forget the adventure in the lock. You
will pass through two locks with a total fall of at least 6 metres. 

On board, you will find an excellent bar and you may notice
delightful smells emanating from the galley. You are free to use the
à la carte lunch menu, for the chef will be travelling with us.

For lunch menu, please click here (dutch/german)

Depending on the date, the departure point will be Roermond,
Neer or Kessel. A number of dates have already been fixed.
Usually, dates are added on a weekly basis. If you are a group
of at least 35 people, you can also choose a different date.
However, please check whether this date is still free.

 Sailing schedule

Boarding from 12:00.
Sailing time: 12:30.
Return:  15:30.
Boottocht door de sluis in roermond op de MaasDeparture points may vary. 
To check, please: 

* In the table below, click on the month in question
* Consult the Vaaragenda (Sailing Agenda); the Afternoon Boat
  Trip on the river Maas is yellow.
* The departure points are listed here

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Adults: € 16.50
Children aged 4-11: € 8.50
Children aged 0-3: free